Tickets for virtual lecture

Members of Slovenian Foundrymen Society can use the coupon code, which was sent to you by e-mail. The coupon code reduces the price of tickets. If you have not received the code, you can send a request for the code to and in case you are eligible, we will send it to you.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: In the event of cancellation of participation up to 30 days prior to the event, the applicant will cover 20% of the fee, up to 14 days prior, 50% of the registration fee, up to 8 days prior, 80% of the registration fee and in the event of cancellation of participation in the last 7 days prior to the event, 100% of the registration fee.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Non-payment of the pro forma invoice and / or non-participation in the event does not mean automatic deregistration from the event. Therefore, the obligation to pay the registration fee terminates only if the order is cancelled by the date of validity of the proforma invoice.
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Ticket Type: Virtual Lecture